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At one point no one believed that Dona could ever graduate from college. It all started when she was 12 and fell off her unicycle whilst riding it down a gravel path. The impact was so great, that the whole right side of her face was scratched with little bits of gravel embedded in the skin. At that time her parents did not have insurance, as they newly emigrated from Timbuktu by way of Jet Blue. They patched up their daughters face at home and by the time it healed half her face was unrecognizable and badly scarred. Then the bullying in school started and by high school Dona was barley showing up to school. She had just the minimum grade to graduate high school. On her graduation day she got all dressed up, but when she looked in the mirror she still felt like crying at her reflection. 
She closed her eyes and hoped that when she opened them the scars would be gone. Her ancestors heard her hopes and sprinkled her face with some of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust  and when she opened her eyes the scars were gone. She was so shocked and showed her parents who were equally as shocked, breaking into joyful Malian songs. It was on that day that she vowed to attend and graduate college. 
This is obviously a fictitious story and a parody of all the looonnng tumblr stories under almost ANY photo.
(This is my sister older Amina and our parents at her college graduation in Iowa)
  • 24 June 2013
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